Indonesian President to postpone the visit to Australia to catch a direct descendant of the oppositi

Indonesian President to postpone the visit to Australia to catch a direct descendant of the opposition governor to step down – the Sohu news according to Xinhua News Agency reported on 7, 7, Indonesia police on suspicion of desecration of religious speech published in the greater Jakarta Capital Territory governor Zhong Wanxue investigated, his recent remarks lead to large-scale demonstrations. Reuters reported on November 6th, Indonesian President Djoko was scheduled for November 6th to 8, a 3 day visit to Australia was cancelled because of domestic emergency demonstrations, but the two sides trade minister 6 days scheduled negotiations continue. "Borrow things against the bell Wanxue zuoke regime" reported that 7 morning bell Wanxue arrived in the Indonesian national police administration, to avoid the media scene questioning, went straight into the National Police Administration of criminal investigation department. The criminal investigation department responsible person told the media that the police need several key points on the bell Wanxue alleged desecration of religious speech were investigated, such as related speech context, to avoid misunderstanding. The parade was initiated by the Indonesian Islamic hardliners organization "to defend the Islamic Front", the Indonesian police estimated that more than one hundred thousand people attended. 4 this month, from around the country, about 100 thousand people gathered in Jakarta, held demonstrations. Demonstrators clashed with police, killing 1 people were killed and more than 160 demonstrators and police officers were injured. Xu Liping China Academy of Social Sciences, Southeast Asia experts believe that behind the 4 day parade is more a reflection of some Muslim extremism with Christian background bell Wanxue some remarks in protest, is incompatible with the Muslim tolerance, harmonious atmosphere. "In fact, the demonstration is mainly composed of radical Islam and political opposition zuoke composition, these parties want to borrow the bell Wanxue thing zuoke against the regime," a Jakarta witnessed the demonstrations of the Indonesian Chinese scholars on surging news (reporters), he refused to disclose the names of. Chahar Institute researcher, Guangxi University For Nationalities researcher Ge Hongliang research center of ASEAN on surging news pointed out that "Zhong Wanxue’s style is similar to Duthel Te and the president of Philippines, is very vocal and high efficiency way, and the bell Wanxue parade last bad, at zuoke to step down, in the domestic situation, Djoko is not to go abroad to visit the." The political forces behind the agitation of demonstrations in 2012, bell Wanxue served as vice governor of Jakarta during zuoke became the governor of Jakarta, after the presidential election after serving as governor zuoke position, was seen as a direct descendant of zuoke. According to the "Singapore United Morning Post" reports, there are rumors that the 4 day parade after the incident, zuoke asked bell Wanxue to withdraw from the 2017 provincial election, but the National Democratic Party of Jakarta branch chairman Beth Tari said: "to clarify the rumors are false. Now is the time to go back to the campaign to fight." According to the "Daily News" Indonesia, bell Wanxue said 5 days, held in February 2017 in Jakarta province will not withdraw from the election. "Zuoke became president for two years, the success of the three parties to disintegrate the opposition camp inside. They decided to join the cabinet, and now only two political parties oppose Djoko..相关的主题文章: