Greed And Fear – What Role It Plays In The Field Of Annuities-diying

Sales-Management By definition, these two words are very different. Fear is defined as be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event. Greed on the other hand has this definition: immoderately desirous of acquiring wealth. Click on this link: , to discover a lead generation program that will teach you how to get more annuity leads than you can possibly handle! However the definition relates to each of us is dependent on our individual situations and personality. By definition, either word could be a bad situation and also just an extension of ourselves. I could fear falling or I could fear death or I could fear losing money. Greed could also mean much smaller things as they impact us, such as I want the last piece of cake or I want her to notice me. It really all depends on how the terms relate to us as humans. How about money…does money enter into the definition? I am afraid of losing my money. I want to make more money so I am going to take a chance. Both words are interactive with specific topics such as money. Basing money decisions on fear means running to safety and possible severely limiting potential returns. Basing money decisions on greed could put your funds at risk due to inappropriate financial decisions. What to do? Since both fear and greed are human experiences, how can we blend them to make them work for us? When we are born it is said that the only two natural fears we have are fear of falling and fear of loud noises. The other fears we now exhibit are as a result of our human experience. How about greed? Are we born with it? I would definitely say yes…just think about eating? When we were infants did we not want the bottle when we wanted it? Did we not eat until occasionally making ourselves sick? Since fear and greed are normal parts of our psyche then using them to our advantage would seem to make sense. When we consider our money, lets remove fear by making sure we have a safety net which is guaranteed to catch us, in other words, our funds would be safe and secure. At the same time let’s greet greed with an open arm and use it to enhance our future. Equity linked indexed annuities accomplish these two basic parts of our plan. EIAs have a guaranteed against loss so the fear card cannot be played and any gain earned in an EIA is locked in (contracts vary, but the concept is constant) and gain or increase in our funds is assured. Greed and fear can be allies and partners. Find out if Equity Linked Indexed Annuities might help you in your financial future, no exposure to loss and gains locked in. Are you struggling to generate enough annuity leads for your business? Do you want to Solve The Annuity Lead Problem Forever? Do you want to discover a proven annuity lead generation program that has worked for thousands of annuity agents all over the world? 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