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Art Bali – Sohu travel says Bali Island is a paradise for art, not a bit too much. The architecture, carving, painting, dance, music, and the nature of students earning interest together, affecting the residents of Bali Island daily and sources of livelihood, but also fiddled with every visitors came to Bali Island art nerve. City Art in Ubud (Ubud) of the line of sight to walk the streets, always attracted by a beautiful residential, with 95% of Bali Island residents believe in Hinduism, where every family has temples (Temple), so people’s daily worship does not need to find the temple on the outside, you can at home. There are a lot of big street in front of the house are affixed to the "HomeStay" brand, the original residents of Bali Island not only have faith, but also quite economic minded. Our area is large, can be used to entertain visitors, a bit like the European B& B:; clean room, homemade breakfast, beautiful small courtyard, and hospitality and free and you can use English chatted hostess. In the center of several streets of Kuta, I streams of people busily coming and going, Poppies II and Legian streets, fashionable cafes and bars Gallery dazzling, but the architectural design still have a strong Hindu gods color, or reflect the cultural symbol of indonesia. Although each place has its own pedestrian street or central area, you will be very clear that this is Indonesia’s Bali Island. Kampuchea and Thailand are not the same style, architectural style of Indonesia Nick ‘s HomeStay is become an independent school here, visitors to rest here, to provide a comfortable environment, yet the family style style of Bali Island as a Hindu, every household here there are temples dedicated to the Hindu gods, is next to the room Hindu temple. This kind of architectural design, except Indonesia Bali Island, no other Southeast asia. Flower base, fence… Each place with religious art atmosphere of Bali Island building full of Southeast Asian style, also has its own unique national design features Poppies I and II Coulthard Center Street is full of interesting feature of coffee bar and small vendors, very exotic and we went to see the religious feelings of the Indonesian people, every door will put a symbol of Hindu meaning sacrifices and offerings, don’t walk on. Shopping in Bali Island, remember a bargain, bargain, or principle: bargain looks really have the feeling of the market but also make you think in the temple there is not just tourism, is not easy to have women living in Bali, in addition to children and also the head of three large stones — the work of > < Cup ah this is Front Gate Seminyak beach in Bali Island as long as you see the two fan shape so, that this is a gate (Gate) S days相关的主题文章: