Steal counterfeit hundred dollar 39 year old man was sentenced to 6 months.-追踪309

Steal counterfeit hundred dollar 39 year old male criminal was sentenced to 6 months in 9 years ago, he had been sentenced for theft, can be released from prison again after playing "a gentleman in mid-air, theft of 100 yuan, did not expect…… This turned out to be counterfeit hundred dollar bills! His whereabouts after he was arrested by the police. 16, 2009, Huludao County People’s court handling the case, said the judge, the court to the defendant Wang Moumou guilty of theft, the First Instance sentenced him to imprisonment for six months and fined $2000 in Suizhong. Because Wang Moumou did not appeal, so the judgment has now entered into force. The 39 year old Wang Moumou Jianchang County farmers, don’t look at the only primary school culture, but his brain collaterals, freeloading. Later, because of theft in August 2007 was sentenced to six months in prison and fined $7900. After his release, Wang Moumou should be good to turn over. However, due to not want to earn money by working with both hands, he love leisure and hate labour does not repent, and again. One day in mid January 2015 afternoon, he took no village of Yang’s home, secretly over the wall into the house. Now he began searching for the "dry cargo", but because the villagers are not valuable object placed in the home, resulting in "lose the first battle". Later, Wang Moumou in the homes of villagers under the Kangxi found a hundred dollar bill. Although only a few hundred dollars, but after all, not empty handed, Wang Moumou then fled. The villagers know that it is a fake 100 yuan, but still reported to the police. The police have launched an investigation after active investigation, Wang Moumou soon into the sight of the police, and later his whereabouts were captured. Suizhong County Court held that the defendant Wang Moumou illegal possession for the purpose of stealing secrets into the property of others, his behavior constituted theft. The defendant pleaded guilty in court, appropriate sentences. The defendant had a criminal record, as appropriate, shall be punished severely. So the decision made in accordance with the law. The judge said, as one of the counterfeit contraband, belongs to the scope of object property theft behavior, and has the value of counterfeit behavior violated the theft of criminal law to protect the property ownership and the right to change the status quo and through legal procedures (restore proper state) take up legal interests, with criminal illegality, constitute the crime of theft. As for Wang Moumou the counterfeit currency and stole it, did not achieve the purpose of illegal possession of the property, is due to his understanding of the errors caused by the theft object, which belongs to the object impossibility in criminal law theory, which is one of the attempted crime form.相关的主题文章: