The Mid Autumn Festival will be held on October 4th and national day holiday

Mid Autumn Festival next year for October 4th and National Day holiday "happy meeting", "sea born bright moon", the end of the world at this time." This year’s Mid Autumn Festival is not only close to the national day, but also a rare "fifteen moon seventeen circle" in the mid autumn month". Astronomy experts pointed out that under the influence of "leap month", the Mid Autumn Festival in 2017 in particular: the day the Gregorian calendar in October 4th, not only was the National Day holiday on the "xixiangfeng", and the moon still "Seventeen circle". Astronomy education experts, Tianjin Astronomical Association, said Zhao Zhiheng, the Chinese Chinese provisions Otsuki 30 days, Xiaoyue 29 days, 12 months a year of 354 days or 355 days, more than a few years back in 11 days, 4 years down less than 1 months. As time goes by, there will be strange phenomena of temporal and temporal confusion. In order to solve this problem, with the increase of "leap month" approach. 2017 month in June, not only the Double Ninth Festival, the Qixi Festival postponed, the Mid Autumn Festival is followed after the fault, and the lunar Mid Autumn Festival generally appear in between the Gregorian calendar in September 7th to October 6th, which appeared in the mid autumn festival every day phenomenon. Astronomy experts pointed out that the Mid Autumn Festival is a normal calendar phenomenon. Last appeared in October 3, 2009 (April). According to Xinhua News Agency

明年中秋节为10月4日 与国庆假期上演“喜相逢” “海上生明月,天涯共此时。”今年中秋节不仅距离国庆节很近,而且中秋月还是罕见的“十五的月亮十七圆”。天文专家指出,受“闰月”影响,2017年的中秋节更特别:公历10月4日这个日子,不仅与当年国庆假期上演“喜相逢”,而且中秋月依旧“十七圆”。 天文教育专家、天津市天文学会理事赵之珩说,中国的农历规定大月30天、小月29天,一年12个月共354或355天,比一个回归年的天数少11天左右,4年下来就少了1个多月。久而久之,就会出现时序和天时错乱的怪现象。 为了解决这个问题,便采用增加“闰月”的办法。2017年闰月出现在6月,不仅重阳节、七夕节推迟,中秋节也跟着错后,加之农历中秋节一般出现在阳历9月7日至10月6日之间,从而出现了中秋逢国庆的现象。 天文专家指出,中秋逢国庆是正常历法现象。上一次出现在2009年10月3日(闰四月)。据新华社相关的主题文章:

The new Skoda SUV named Cody Ark in February next year – Auto Sohu

The new Skoda SUV named Cody Ark in February next year – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before the Volkswagen Skoda officially released the domestic Cody Ark (Kodiaq) official map. The new car will be officially launched in November 16th, and then will be unveiled at the Guangzhou auto show, the official listing will be in the second quarter of 2017. Appearance: the new family with a Skoda latest design, body lines, straight, tough, overall very fashionable. The car headlight adopts split design, according to the official introduction, the design of symbol design concept of lucky clover. The side of the body: the body lines straight, domestic Cody Ark hale, the main element is the design language of square wheel arch, rim shape looks very dynamic, the tail, the car taillights design is very stylish with C band shape, the whole system is LED light source. In addition, the tail of the 4X4 on behalf of the car is equipped with four-wheel drive system. Body size, the length of the body of Cody Ark’s body is about 470019001676 (including the roof rack) mm, wheelbase 2791mm. Compared to the same level of competition, the car’s width and wheelbase has a certain advantage. In addition, the new car will provide 5 seats and the layout of the 7. Power: the domestic Cody Ark will be equipped with 1.8T and 2.0T two engines, the maximum power of 180 horsepower and 220 horsepower, peak torque of 300 cattle and 350 cattle meters · · m, corresponding to the trailer will be "TSI 330" and 380 "TSI". Transmission system is expected to be equipped with 7 speed dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章:

The club, I’m here for you. – Sohu travel avbox

The club, I’m here for you. I used to travel – Sohu will always be a dream, misty Jiangnan Town, a belong to my courtyard, filled with bamboo, bridges, brick tiles. Later, I will not do that dream, probably because of the place to go a little more, blurred the dream should have some appearance. It’s been third years since I left Yunnan. Often and people around Yunnan, always avoid Lijiang Dali, the old feel too many people think about the place, has not had the publicity. What do I think of Lijiang? Low short red brick, with long hair wearing a linen hat wandering singer girl. Later, I came to Lijiang. Lijiang, everything seems to be in my imagination, just a little more noisy, more than a little, fireworks taste. Don’t know what time, everyone began to fall in love with "on the road", so we have no money, are beginning to take the package and goes away. I am a person who does not want to feel wronged, whether it is mental or physical. Always want to find a good outside, a little warm, clean, and a little bit of literature. Then I’ll come. Is still low short red brick, but more bridges. Like, I like the dream of the sun villas. May be carved on the bones of the Chinese dream, I love all the simple things, such as street wear Hanfu people, such as the low buildings of brick, such as old rickshaw Hutong, such as road rest inn. Full of joy into the courtyard, is a Beijing alley in the old courtyard style, but different from the old courtyard of the mottled, everywhere elegant. The court as empty water, water algae weed cross. Beautiful, very beautiful. I just know later, the original is a shopkeeper half of Beijing. I found the North boy always has some feelings for South he’s really not letting this go, otherwise, also for the horse? Sing sing Zhao Lei Nanshan south, southern girl, oh, and ice house. Had the honor and the treasurer of the gossip, they also know the single-handed, make a living away from home. So the inn, also has its own story. By the Beijing architect surgeon, then combines the Naxi culture of our Yunnan Lijiang, the shopkeeper said, the deepest impression is the first built the roof layers, the level of scattered, white tiles emblazoned on the veranda, Diaolanhuadong, quite how deep is the courtyard of the conception. Now look at this antique room, my eyes also have joy. The shape of the Qing Dynasty Palace Inn South Beller mansion, surrounding the old house into trees. A delicate small suite has its own unique name. July, Yunjuanyunshu, Chenyang Lu Si nongmo, Tao Yi, soft moon. I used to like stray, because I think it is very cool, want to go, want to stop.相关的主题文章:

Green by the National Anthem event called the collective pressure of retired generals betrayed Sohu lata-01

The National Anthem by " " event; suppress retired generals said it betrayed the Sohu collective Military Channel global network reported on November 17th: Taiwan military retired generals, to attend the activities to commemorate Sun Zhongshan, 16, once again sparked controversy. According to the Pro Green Taiwan "free times" reported on 16, including former KMT vice chairman Zhan Chunbai, former Secretary General Xu Shui teh, new party chairman Yu Muming blue camp gangster, and Wu Sihuai more than 30 retired generals, the Beijing Great Hall of the people to participate in activities to commemorate Sun Zhongshan; when the organizers play national anthem, "March Song", "they have stood up". The DPP legislator Wang Dingyu said this on behalf of retired generals to betray the past oath, betrays the follow Jiang Jieshi and Kuomintang, more comprehensive betrayal of their faith, "if these will still pay back retirement pension, Taiwan taxpayers should be called suckers". "The era of power" and "Legislative Yuan" said Xu Yongming, retired generals to do such things, "is not the personal behavior, is a collective betrayal". Defense Minister Feng Shikuan 16, said, they stand up, may be forced by the situation, they sing along with the national anthem, I think I do not believe". According to Taiwan’s National Security Bureau to grasp the list, at least 5 generals, the general will be in the top 16 and the majority of the above activities, more than 50 stars". It is reported that the DPP will proposal to amend the Armed Forces officer officer service regulations "and" the relationship between people on both sides, even if the above regulations "provisions of retired generals and a certain period has exceeded the control level of the public servants, as long as the landing or participate in the official activities of political parties, must first by the Taiwan authorities permit; first offenders given a warning, back again the salary halved, three prisoners will lose rights to receive. At present, Taiwan retired major general general pensions contributed 80 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), which is about 100000 yuan, a general 210 thousand yuan, two will be able to get 190 thousand yuan. "Free times" said that after Ma Ying-Jeou came to power in 2008, retired generals landed quite frequently. Before April 2010, "veteran chairman Hsu Li nung 23 retired generals to visit the mainland, then sometimes the KMT Party Chairman Huang Fu Wang moon seup rate of 57 retired generals on 2011, landing in Taiwan; former president Xia Yingzhou has been blasting the" National Defense University "published" this is not to distinguish what military, army, US are China army "remarks, caused a great disturbance in the island. In 2011, the Commission released a new version of "retreat" retired personnel to the mainland to visit the general notice ", called for the retired generals and officials, interactive, not criticized the politics, Taiwan’s leader, on behalf of the authorities to make any promises, or" separatism "to mention the Taiwan authorities embarrassing words. According to the DPP, suppress the retired generals, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman 16 responded that part of the Democratic Progressive Party politicians insisted that the position of "Taiwan independence", inciting cross-strait hostility and confrontation, to suppress the people of Taiwan to participate in cross-strait exchanges, making a "chilling effect". "China 16 times" commented on, according to the regulations, in addition to Taiwan retired officers regardless of rank low, as long as more than an period, have the right to travel, visiting relatives or in the mainland"相关的主题文章:

Beijing is scheduled for September 17th trial air defense alarm – China Network zznba

Beijing is scheduled for September 17th air raid alert – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yu Lixiao) in September 12, in order to enhance the concept of national defense and air defense to enhance public awareness of disaster prevention, air defense warning sound recognition ability, approved by the Beijing Municipal People’s government, is scheduled for September 17, 2016 will be air defense alert in part area of Beijing city trial. Beijing municipal government issued a circular 12, said the city of Beijing will be held on Saturday, September and third national defense education day, outside the ring road outside the air defense alarm test. The specific time is 17 days 15 to 15:23, in accordance with the "early warning" and "alert" and "clear" order, each alarm at the time of 3 minutes, 7 minutes apart, a total of 23 minutes. According to the notice requirements, Beijing civil defense Bureau reminded the public that the air raid siren period, the public should pay attention to discrimination of air defense warning signals, in addition to taking part in the exercise related personnel, the public and other temporary Laijingrenyuan please keep working and living in the normal order after hearing the alarm. Notice to remind the public, the sirens, the production of enterprises, construction site staff, can continue to adhere to the production, construction, implementation of safety measures; automobile drivers can continue to focus on driving safety; in public hospitals, shops, theaters, station, street square, park, hotel and other personnel, do not panic don’t run, crowded; continue to maintain the normal order of life of the residents at the home, parents should take good care of the children, to avoid the frightened; at the same time to be vigilant to prevent criminals to disturb public order. The air defense alarm trial is the fourth time in recent years, Beijing held a large-scale air defense alarm test. The first time is at 14:28 on May 19, 2008, in tribute to the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims in the city sounded air defense alarm siren; the second is the Beijing Municipal People’s air defense exercises in 2014, in Mentougou, Fangshan District, Yanqing County, three counties were siren; third times in September 19, 2015 10 the City District of siren. (end)相关的主题文章: